Psalm 88 Good News Translation (GNT) “A Cry for Help”🕊

Psalm 88 Good News Translation (GNT)🕊 A Cry for Help🕊 88:1 Lord God, my savior, I cry out all day,     and at night I come before you. 2 Hear my prayer;     listen to my cry for help! 3 So many troubles have fallen on me     that I am close to death. 4 I am like all others who are about to die;     all my strength is gone. 5 I am abandoned among the dead;     I am like the slain lying in their graves, those you have forgotten completely,     who are beyond your help. 6 You have thrown me into the depths of the tomb,     into the darkest and deepest pit. 7 Your anger lies … Continue reading Psalm 88 Good News Translation (GNT) “A Cry for Help”🕊

What Day Is It?🕊

Are you wondering what day is it? It’s “Get Your Praise On Day!” It’s the day to focus on the good God has given us. Don’t allow the Coronavirus pandemic to steal your Joy. Psalm 118:24, 25 explains it best: Psalm 118:24-25 Christian Standard Bible (CSB)🕊 24 This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 25 Lord, save us! Lord, please grant us success!🕊 Continue reading What Day Is It?🕊