Psalm 114 Contemporary English Version (CEV) “The Lord Works Wonders”🕊


Psalm 114 Contemporary English Version (CEV)🕊

The Lord Works Wonders🕊

114 God brought his people
out of Egypt,
    that land
    with a strange language.
He made Judah his holy place
    and ruled over Israel.

When the sea looked at God,
    it ran away,
    and the Jordan River
    flowed upstream.
The mountains and the hills
    skipped around like goats.

Ask the sea why it ran away
    or ask the Jordan
    why it flowed upstream.
Ask the mountains and the hills
    why they skipped like goats!

Earth, you will tremble,
    when the Lord God of Jacob
    comes near,
because he turns solid rock
into flowing streams
    and pools of water.🕊

Psalm 114.7



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